medicare facts and myths

Today in Medicare

Issues for elders: Improvement standard an ongoing problem for patients BY JILL BURZYNSKI: Unfortunately, there is a long-standing myth that a patient has to be “improving”...
Medicare terms and definitions

A Glossary of Medicare Terms

When it comes to enrolling in Medicare and understanding how the health insurance coverage for senior citizens works, it can sometimes be difficult to...
Medicare Part D prescription drug costs

3 Medicare Part D Questions We’ve Answered For You

From eligibility and enrollment to costs and the "donut hole," there remains a significant amount to cover when it comes to understanding Medicare Part...
Medicare private insurance together

Today in Medicare

Financial 'side effects' of Medicare: Public health insurance and household portfolio choices BY MARCO ANGRISANI:  Recent studies show that with Medicare out-of-pocket expenditures decline by 40%...
Medigap Medicare guaranteed issue rights insurance

Know Your Guaranteed Issue Rights for Medigap

What is Medigap? Medigap is simply supplemental insurance that works alongside Medicare as a secondary payer on expenses Medicare doesn’t cover. Medigap encompasses various private...
Medicare essential information

8 Essentials to Understanding Medicare

When you finally decide to retire, it will bring a plethora of new issues to tackle, and one of the most irritating may be...

Today in Medicare

Social Security is here to stay, whatever people may say BY GEOFF SMOOT: Most Republicans still seem to think of Social Security as welfare. In a...
retirement medicare problems savings money

This Week in Medicare: Today’s Top Stories!

Are we facing a retirement crisis? Every generation faces challenges when it comes to funding retirement, but this time, a number of different challenges are...
Medicare programs compete

Today in Medicare

American Health Care Act could chip away at Medicare Savings Programs BY MAURA CALSYN AND STACY SANDERS: The breakneck speed and secrecy surrounding the bill’s construction...
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