Medicare World Presents the 2018 Guide to Medicare

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Medicare World Presents the 2018 Guide to Medicare

Here at Medicare World, we are always looking out for you. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive 2018 Guide to Medicare just for you.

Do you ever wish you had all the Medicare information you needed all in one place? This easy-to-read guide is your starting point for all things Medicare. After looking through this guide, you’ll be ready to move ahead with your Medicare choices.

Our 2018 Guide to Medicare is everything you’ll need to get started on finding the coverage that’s perfect for you.

Everything Medicare at your fingertips

In the 2018 Guide to Medicare, we’ve covered everything you need to know. Get the essentials on topics like:

View the guide online, or download and print a copy for yourself to keep handy.

If you have further questions about enrollment, visit,, or your local SHIP program. To find Medicare plans available to you, visit Medicare’s Plan Finder.

The new Medicare Plus Card saves you up to 75% on things not covered by Medicare

Medicare doesn’t cover everything. Luckily, those on Medicare can now start saving on out of pocket expenses like prescription drugs, dental, vision, hearing, and more. Over 1 million people have already received their free Medicare Plus Card.

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