1. What Does Medicare Cover for Vitamins

    As you age, vitamins and supplements can become more important. Healthcare providers may even recommend them for you. While Medicare does not usually cover vitamins and supplements, there are some exceptions.

  2. President Trump Calls for Another Round

    Stimulus or no stimulus? Congress cannot make up its mind.With different bills coming from the House and the Senate, it doesn’t look like Congress will agree on a new stimulus package to help Medicare beneficiaries any time soon. But President Trump wants to make another round of stimulus checks happen before the election. 

  3. Vision & Medicare: 10 Age-Related Eye

    Aging comes with a lot of new responsibilities like maintaining your health. The list goes on with new health issues as we get older. Eyesight is one of the most common issues that are related to aging. Here are the top ten that you should keep an eye on.

  4. Trump: The U.S. Won’t Join Global

    The Trump administration has determined that the U.S. will go its own way with developing a vaccine for coronavirus. The U.S. will not participate in a collaborative global initiative of more than 170 countries to develop and distribute 2 billion doses of a coronavirus vaccine around the world. The initiative is called the COVAX Facility. President Trump does not want to participate due to the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) is one of the leaders of the effort. 

  5. Medicare and COVID-19 Vaccine: Do You

    When the COVID-19 pandemic began in March, public health experts gave a prescription for riding it out a.k.a. Flatten the curve. They believed that with intentional social distancing, lockdowns, contact tracing, etc., we could reduce the amount of cases, as we waited for the vaccine. The hope was, and still is, that a mass vaccination will be able to restore the world back to “normal”.

  6. Disturbing Coronavirus Symptoms in Older Adults:

    We reported on some of the disturbing coronavirus symptoms that older Americans experience. Now there is new disturbing new evidence that in some cases, COVID-19 symptoms linger for a long time. In a CDC survey, 35 percent of people were found to still have COVID-19 symptoms well after being diagnosed with the virus. And in a British Medical Association survey, one-third of doctors said they had treated patients with long-term COVID-19 symptoms.

  7. BREAKING: Trump’s New Prescription Drug Order

    A long awaited new prescription drug order was released from President Trump on Sunday, September 13, but experts are questioning the impact and intentions of said order. Is this executive order more bait for the senior vote?

  8. Should Seniors Be Concerned About Trump’s

    President Trump continues to push for the rapid production of the COVID-19 vaccine. Health experts continue to grow concerned on the legitimacy and safety of the vaccination, when vaccines typically take years and multiple trials to perfect. Will Medicare Beneficiaries have free access to the upcoming vaccine? Should seniors consider not getting the first round of vaccinations? 

  9. Medicare and the 2020 Election: Where

    With Medicare a big issue in the upcoming Presidential election, where does each candidate land on healthcare issues? There are many complex pieces involved, and it takes time to make changes. However, both Trump and Biden have made statements clarifying where they see the country moving as far as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Here are the proposals that each candidate highlights. 

  10. UPDATE: The Differences You Should Know

    As seasons are changing, the coronavirus is deciding to hang around. With the flu season coming up, people have been worried about differentiating between these two serious viruses. Is COVID-19 the same thing as the seasonal flu? Health experts have discovered that there are similarities, but the two are far from the same virus.  CDC recommends everyone get flu vaccine this year Manufacturers are making more vaccines this year to be prepared for flu season--between 194 million and 198 million doses, which is 20 million more than last season. Scientists worry that this flu season could bring on a double pandemic, what some are calling a “twindemic”. There is evidence that a person can contract both the flu and COVID-19.

  11. MISSING: President Trump’s Healthcare Plan

    America is growing tired of the unmet promises of a healthcare plan from President Donald Trump as election day is around the corner. His presidential opponent, Joe Biden, has released his healthcare plans, which include plans for Medicare, and polls continue to sway in the Democrat’s favor. We decided to break down some of the President’s more or less, empty promises and connect some dots in hopes to paint a picture of his healthcare plans if reelected. 

  12. Medicare 101: Your Medicare Options Made

    This guide will help you construct a rock-solid plan for understanding what’s important when it comes to your Medicare. Healthcare costs are a big part of your finances. It’s something we all have to acknowledge now— even when it comes with a big price tag. Medicare offers a helping hand with these costs. Making the right choice for you will take some thoughtful and extensive planning, so let’s get started!

  13. A Vaccine by November 1st? Trump

    President Trump has unveiled Operation Warp Speed, an effort by the federal government to scale up COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing and distribution. During his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Trump stated, “We are delivering life-saving therapies, and will produce a vaccine before the end of the year, or maybe even sooner.” 

  14. The CDC Issues Eviction Ban: Is

    The U.S.’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a nationwide order on Tuesday, September 1, banning landlords from evicting tenants because of inability to pay rent due financial strain from COVID-19. Of the 43 million Americans renters, approximately 30% are over 55 years old, according to America's Rental Housing 2020.

  15. Biden’s “Build Back Better” Plan: How

    We have talked about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's healthcare plan if he were to take office in November, but what about his plans for additional COVID-19 financial aid? Biden’s economic advisors have confirmed that the former VP would be pushing for another stimulus package. Here is what we know.

  16. UPDATE: Hoping For Another Stimulus Check?

    Congress returned from recess on September 8, the day after Labor Day. As expected, Mitch McConnell released a new coronavirus stimulus bill upon the Senate’s return. As predicted, the relief bill neglected senior Americans and did not mention a single aid for Medicare beneficiaries. But here is what McConnell and Republicans did include in the package. Don’t get too excited! There is not another round of stimulus checks coming either.  

  17. Learned enough? Time to find the best price on Medicare plans

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