20 Million COVID-19 Vaccines Coming Next Month, But at What Cost?

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With Pfizer’s new vaccine shown to be 90 percent effective and Moderna’s 95 percent effective, it seems a vaccine is soon on the horizon for Americans. According to Moncef Slaoui of Operation Warp Speed, 20 million Americans could be vaccinated in December, with 25 to 30 million vaccinated each month after that. According to CDC Director Robert Redfield, however, broad access to the vaccines would most likely not be available until the Summer of 2021. 

After a vaccine receives emergency use authorization, the government would begin vaccination within 24 hours. But still, health experts must take into account shipping, distribution, the need to keep vaccines at below-freezing temperatures, and the skepticism of the public. What do you need to know about the possible side effects of a coronavirus shot?

While a vaccine might be 90 percent effective, that still means that it will not work in one out of 10 people. As a result, people will still need to practice social distancing, wear masks, and wash hands regularly.  

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What to know before you take the COVID-19 vaccine

Here are the top things to know about the vaccine before you take it:

  • You might experience flu-like symptoms (sore arms, muscle aches, headache, fever, chills, fatigue) that last for a few days or more.
  • Most COVID-19 vaccines will consist of two shots taken weeks apart, with similar flu-like symptoms each time. 
  • Side effects could temporarily disrupt daily life.
  • It can take a month for the full effectiveness of the vaccine to kick in.
  • The first and second doses should be from the same vaccine maker.

As of mid-October, half of Americans said they would NOT take a coronavirus vaccine. Will Americans now feel confident enough to take a vaccine and protect themselves from the surge?

What’s next?

The plan is to give the vaccine to health care workers and essential workers first. The more people who take the vaccine, the more effective it will be for the overall health of the nation. According to Dr. Kathryn Stephenson of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, “It’s very unusual for a vaccine to have a long-term side effect. Most of the side effects associated with vaccines have to do with upfront. So something like an allergic reaction.” 

It’s important that people are aware of how they could feel and what is involved in the vaccine before they take it. Are you confident in getting a COVID-19 vaccine once they become available? Follow us on Facebook and let us know. 

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