Another CNN Poll Proves Americans Continue to Doubt Trump

A recent poll finds disapproval of Trump’s handling of the outbreak at a new high, 58 percent. This is now the second poll that has proven that a record high number of Americans find President Trump unfit to handle the coronavirus pandemic.

The new CNN Poll was conducted by SSRS during August 12-15, with a random sample of 1,108 U.S. citizens nationwide. 

Coronavirus & Trump

More than 62 percent of the public says President Trump could be doing more to fight the outbreak.

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans say the US response to the coronavirus outbreak makes them feel embarrassed.

More than nine in 10 Democrats, 93 percent, and 33 percent of Republicans told CNN they are embarrassed by the United States’ response to the virus, compared to other countries around the world.

Sixty-two percent of Americans, including majorities of both parties, say they were optimistic about the ongoing development of a coronavirus vaccine, not in the government, but in science.

Returning to school & professional sports

A majority, 52 percent, also say they are not comfortable returning to their normal pre-pandemic lives with the current levels of new infections in the country, and 57 percent say schools in their area should not open for in-person learning. 

The divide is narrower among parents, but more than half — 52 percent — say schools should remain remote for the fall.

In regards to professional sports beginning this fall, 49 percent continue to say they should not be playing games, and 45 percent say they should.

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