COVID-19: New Poll Shows the People Losing Faith in Trump

A recent poll from NBC News reported that fewer than one in three Americans trust Trump in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The NBC News-SurveyMonkey weekly tracking poll found 58 percent of Americans do not trust the president on the pandemic, leaving only 31 percent who do.

Who do the people trust?

The report went on to show that 51 percent of adults said they trust statements on the virus by Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases specialist. 

Another large majority, 55 percent, claim to trust the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the virus. The very association that Trump is pulling away from

A plurality of Americans, 49 percent, also trust their states’ governors, compared to 37 percent who do not.

The politics of things

Sixty-nine percent of the poll’s participants identified as Republicans/Republican-leaning that trust Trump on the virus, compared to 29 percent who don’t. Thirty-two percent of the same respondents said they trust Fauci, while 38 percent trust the CDC.

Republicans and Republican-leaning respondents are also less likely than the general population to trust their states’ governors. Forty-nine percent said they do not trust their governors on the pandemic, compared to 41 percent who do.

Democrats/Democratic-leaning respondents, in comparison, are more likely than the general population to trust Fauci and the CDC. Seventy-eight percent said they trust Fauci on the pandemic, while 76 percent trust the CDC.

Nine percent of Democrats or Democratic-leaning respondents distrust Fauci, while 16 percent distrust the CDC. Sixty-three percent trust their governors, compared to 28 percent who do not.

Note: The poll is based on a national sample of 47,190 adults surveyed between July 27-Aug. 2. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 1 percentage point.

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