Does Trump Consider Elderly People Disposable?

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper is asking the question, “Does President Trump view elderly people as disposable?” In his report, Cooper went on to quote Trump various times throughout the pandemic thus far. At various stages of the pandemic, Trump stated that only the elder population was at risk of COVID-19. More shockingly than his false statement, was that he appeared complacent about the health of our senior Americans. In earlier quotes pulled from March before coronavirus cases numbers skyrocketed, Trump was recorded stating that the virus could infect anyone of any age and of any health. 

The contradictions continue to trickle in as Cooper points out where the President has landed on the matter, which is that coronavirus is not that big of a deal and that correlates with his belief that Trump’s view is only hindering the elderly population.

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Many of our followers on Facebook have agreed with Anderson Cooper on Trump’s behavior towards the priority and even worth of senior health, but some did not. Last week, Trump delivered a town hall in Philadelphia hosted by ABC News in which voters asked him questions on various issues. In response to the question, “Where Does Trump Stand on Senior Health?” our Facebook followers said the following:

The threat of cutting Social Security and Medicare continues to circulate from the White House. Earlier this week, Trump’s presidential campaign released an ad in Arizona and surrounding states accusing Joe Biden of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare in hopes to attract senior votes. 

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Does Trump believe senior Americans are disposable? Do you feel as if your and your loved ones’ healthcare and wellbeing are threatened by the reelection of Donald Trump? Or do you disagree completely? Let us know on Facebook.

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