FACT CHECK: Where Does Trump Stand on Senior Health?

Last week, Trump delivered a town hall in Philadelphia hosted by ABC News in which voters asked him questions on various issues. So, how did he fare on healthcare points that will affect Medicare beneficiaries?


President Trump acknowledged that COVID-19 was the biggest challenge of his presidency, but he still thinks there was nothing he could have done to make the situation better. He continues to claim that the virus is simply going to go away, despite evidence to the contrary. 

Trump was evasive on many questions, including ones about his “downplaying” of the virus, as was revealed from an interview with journalist Bob Woodward on March 19. 

Pre-existing conditions

Healthcare remains a top priority for Americans in the election, and while public plans like Medicare cover pre-existing conditions, there is new evidence that many ACA-exempt plans do not cover preexisting conditions and are being falsely marketed

The current president says he will keep coverage of pre-existing conditions a priority, but Trump has been trying to repeal Obamacare, which offers coverage for those with preexisting conditions. Additionally, the Trump administration has not released a healthcare plan after several promises to do so. 

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Masks and immunity

Trump was also asked why he does not wear a mask even though masks are proven to stop the spread of coronavirus. He replied that he does wear a mask, yet “there are a lot of people think the masks are not good.”

President Trump also claimed that “herd mentality” will help eliminate the virus. What he meant to say was perhaps “herd immunity,” in which cases thousands of people would have to get the disease and die first for it to work, if at all. 

After the town hall, one voter who posed a question to Trump told CNN that since the president didn’t answer her question, she’s not going to vote for him. “I’m going to vote for Biden,” she said.

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