Is Original Medicare Coverage Enough for Mom?

According to Gallup’s latest 2019 annual healthcare poll, 79 percent of people report their personal healthcare coverage to be “excellent” or “good.” But for that 21 percent of people who voted their healthcare coverage quality to be “poor,” their lack of understanding of Medicare could have played a large part in their experience. 

For Kathy McNair, Medicare World was able to step in and help out with finding her mother the best Medicare drug plan for her medical needs. 

“Medicare coverage was new for my mom. Her 65th birthday was around the corner and it was time to figure out this whole Medicare thing. My mother is very conventional. Mom prefers to do her banking in person and she refuses to get a smartphone. So, I predicted she was going to want to enroll in the most basic Medicare plan. I was worried that it wouldn’t be sufficient coverage for her heart condition,” said Kathy. 

Kathy added, “My mom has spent her entire life taking care of us kids, so it was our turn to make sure she was looked after. We started by considering all of her health needs. We were most concerned about affording the proper coverage for her medical needs. After we had all of our paperwork together, we got a free quote from Medicare World. I was right about my mother needing more coverage and we got the best bang for her buck. Now, mom is covered and it’s one less thing we have to worry about!”

The best Medicare plan for mom

Do you know that a lot of medical care is not actually covered by Medicare? Kathy learned early that her mom was going to need a Medicare Advantage Plan (Medicare Part C) to have all of her medical needs met.

Are you (or a loved one) worried about your Medicare coverage? The best place to start is to understand your medical needs. Medicare plans are curated according to the beneficiary’s healthcare needs. Here are some common medical needs that aren’t covered by Medicare and ways to get the best deal!

Long-term Care

Alternate Coverage: You can purchase a separate private long-term care insurance plan to help cover the costs of supportive care. The earlier you invest in this option, the lower your premiums will be. Also, you can invest in a health savings account, a tax-advantaged saving plan, to set aside money for long-term care. In these accounts, the money is free to be spent however you need, and the remaining balance passed on to your heirs.

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Routine Dental and Vision Care

Alternate Coverage: Medicare Advantage plans generally cover routine dental and vision care as a benefit or as supplemental coverage with an additional monthly premium. Based on where you live, vision discount plans at low to zero cost are also available. 

There is a plethora of companion dental and vision plans on the market for seniors today. These range from discount plans for common dental care needs to full coverage dental plans. 

Medicare Advantage plans also exist with dental care benefits. These plans typically cover routine exams and cleanings at 100 percent, with or without a copay. Many also offer set payment plans to go towards other procedures such as fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and extractions.  

Hearing Care

Alternate Coverage: Medicare Advantage plans have benefits for hearing care and discounts for hearing aid devices. These hearing benefits might be included in the plan or for an additional monthly premium. 

Prescription Drugs

Alternate Coverage: Part D Prescription plans are your best option, but if you do not enroll with Part D when you enroll with Medicare, there will be a late enrollment penalty fee.

Foreign Travel 

Alternate Coverage: Medigap plans often include some sort of coverage for overseas travel medical emergencies. Although, there is a $50,000 coverage cap over the course of your lifetime. Also, many foreign hospitals request upfront cash payments, which leaves you to request reimbursement once you return to the United States. 

Many Medicare Advantage plans include some care aid outside of the states, but again, foreign health providers aren’t required to accept this form of payment. 

In most cases, it is a good idea to travel with a travel health policy if you plan on going overseas. These plans are generally affordable and cover most medical care, such as evacuations and transports, and often even cover other travel emergencies like lost luggage and canceled flights. 


Kathy lucked out and saved her mother a lot of time and money by taking the time to understand her mom’s healthcare needs. Whether it’s for you or your mother, get your FREE Medicare quote today.

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Note: Other things that are not covered by Medicare are cosmetic surgery, routine foot care, and acupuncture. 

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