The Outcome of Presidential Election Dictates Medicaid’s Future

The outcome of this election will determine the future of Medicare, especially Medicaid. Over 75 million low-income Americans are covered by Medicaid. Unfortunately, healthcare’s future depends on politics.

Trump vs. Biden 

In the past four years, the Trump administration has tried to impose conservative principles on the program and shrink it. A Joe Biden presidency would attempt to take care of Medicaid in a different way. 

Trump’s time in office has left health officials urging states to look for ways to spend less on Medicaid. Meanwhile, under a Biden administration, Democrats could deliver on a proposal known as “the public option.” It would bring coverage to people in this uninsured group without requiring them to wait for state officials to take action on Medicaid.

“I think the Trump administration views Medicaid the same way every Republican administration does, as sort of a nuisance,” says Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies at Cato Institute.

New requirements for Medicaid?

The Trump Administration is attempting to create new requirements for Medicaid eligibility. The idea has become increasingly more popular among the Republican Party, as a way to try to rein in spending and push back against Medicaid expansion. The Democratic Party wants nothing to do with this Medicaid change. In addition, thus far, these suggested work requirements have been blocked by the courts. 

New Medicaid payment? 

Block grants have been an ambition of the Republican Party for decades, which has been somewhat sidetracked by the pandemic. The grants call on states to overhaul how Medicaid is paid for. 

Currently, each state splits the costs of Medicaid with the federal government, with the feds paying 50 percent to 75 percent of each enrollee’s cost, depending on the state. The new payment idea called a “block grant,” would involve the federal government giving each state a yearly payment for Medicaid and would essentially end the federal government’s responsibility there. 

When will we know?!

Unfortunately, no one knows exactly when the election’s results will be released. There are quite a few different ways the election could turn out and each determines when the next President of the United States will be announced. Until then, tell us what you think! You can find us on Facebook

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