What Do I Do With My Vaccination Card?

Whatever you do, don’t throw out your vaccination card, health experts say. 

An electronic record of your vaccination should be filed with your state by whoever gave you the jab, but holding on to your own paper record will likely prove useful.

“Since there’s so much discussion about different entities requiring evidence of vaccination, who knows how that will play out?” said Dr. William Schaffner, professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. “At the moment, the count is over 100 colleges and universities have informed their students that when they return in the fall they’ll have to present evidence of having been vaccinated.” 

There continues to be uncertainty about how vaccination records will be kept and authorized, but until then health experts say that the wisest thing to do is keep your vaccine card in a safe place. 

To laminate or not to laminate

There have been mixed feelings about whether or not to laminate vaccine cards. Health experts are encouraging Americans to not laminate the card, but instead, make a digital copy on a smartphone or take a photograph to keep in their wallet or purse. At-home laminating techniques have ruined vaccine cards and experts believe there will be a need to add to the card’s information, such as booster records.

But what if you want to protect your card from coffee stains or from being damaged? You can keep it safe and stain-free in a plastic sleeve, similar to ones used for ID badges. 

A deal: A set of five plastic sleeves could be had for $5.99 on Amazon. 

The best place to keep your vaccination card is where you keep your passport, social security card, and other important documents.

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Other ways to protect your vaccination record

Experts also warned against posting vaccine cards on social media because it contains sensitive information. Treat your hard-earned vaccine card like you would your Social Security card. It’s important, private, and uniquely yours.

Been vaccinated and threw your card away? 

Don’t worry if you lose your card, or if you’ve already tossed it out after completing your vaccination series. As mentioned before, an electronic record of your vaccination is sent to your state’s health department. You can call and ask them for a replacement, much like any government I.D. 

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