Winter Storms Threaten Vaccine Distribution; What Now For Seniors’ Second Dose?

The winter storm that has suddenly swept across the U.S. is now threatening the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines. States across the country, from Texas to New Hampshire, have announced that they are having delays in vaccine shipments due to the unprecedented winter storms. 

What does this mean for seniors?

The freeze in vaccine disruption means those who were scheduled to receive their second doses of the vaccine might have to wait longer than expected. But the CDC has reassured the public that the “slight delay” will not decrease the booster’s efficacy.

According to the CDC, the second dose can be administered up to six weeks, or 42 days, after the first shot. As of now, the U.S. can rest assured that the fight against coronavirus is still underway. Stay safe and continue practicing precautionary measures

Where do you stand? 

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