5 Cities Where Your Social Security Check Will Cover the Rent 

two retirees standing in front of house with social security image on garage door; cities where social security covers the rent

More and more seniors are turning away from home ownership in their golden years and toward renting. Renting comes with many benefits, including less maintenance and fewer responsibilities. If you think renting is right for you, here are five cities where your average Social Security check of $1,350 will cover the rent, and still leave you with some cash leftover for food, entertainment, and travel. 

1. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis has more to offer than just world-renowned barbeque and Elvis. This major southern city also boasts beautiful parks, a diverse array of live and local musicians, and one of the top zoos in the country.

If food is where your heart is, Memphis is a great city for you. Memphis is overflowing with delicious, comforting cuisine like fried chicken, donuts, and plenty of spots for brunch. Memphis was also recently named the best food town in America by Food Network TV show host and cookbook author, Alton Brown. 

The average rent in Memphis is $893, which leaves $457 left over. 

2. South Bend, Indiana

This college town will keep you feeling young at heart. Though it’s home to the University of Notre Dame, South Bend has more to offer for those not in school. This city also prides itself on its culture as home to many museums, like the Studebaker National Museum, the History Museum, and the South Bend Museum of Art. If you want to be more interactive, South Bend also has beautiful parks, comedy clubs, and is only an hour drive from Lake Michigan. 

The average rent in South Bend is $768, which leaves $582 left over. 

3. Fort Wayne, Indiana

If you like to stay active, you will enjoy Fort Wayne. This city has 86 public parks that span over 2,800 acres across the city. If you’d like to spend time along the city’s three rivers, you have 25 miles of riverfront where you can walk or bike. You can even catch a game with one of the three minor league sports teams that call Fort Wayne home. Even better, Fort Wayne is currently undergoing a revitalization of the downtown and riverfront areas, so you can get in before prices go up. 

The average rent in Fort Wayne is $745, which leaves $605 left over. 

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4. Canton, Ohio

Home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton is a great city for those who love the outdoors. If the 40 parks of Canton don’t appeal to you, the city also offers plenty of options for food and culture. For culture, you can check out the Canton Symphony Orchestra, Canton Ballet, or the Canton Museum of Art. If you’re more of a foodie, you might like TD’s Tailgate Grill, Bender’s Tavern, or the Bistro at Gervasi Vineyard

The average rent in Canton is $709, which leaves $641 left over. 

5. Saginaw, Michigan

If you can withstand the Michigan winters, Saginaw offers many riverfront activities once it warms up. You can head down to the Saginaw River and enjoy activities like boating, fishing, kayaking, or just strolling by the water if you like to take it slow. Saginaw is also home to a unique, downtown park called Ojibway Island. Here, you can ride your bike, fish off the docks, or enjoy a picnic. 

The average rent in Saginaw is $700, which leaves $650 left over. 

Remember: if you want to make your Social Security check stretch as far as possible, do the research so you can get the most out of your retirement benefits. 

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