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  • Hospital Quality Quick Check

    When you are comparing hospitals, look for a hospital that:

      Has the best experience with your condition.

    • What kind of hospital would best serve you? Is it a specialty or teaching hospital, a community hospital, or a research hospital?
    • Is there a clinical trial for which you can sign up where you can be treated for less cost?
    • If you need a surgeon, what is his or her level of experience and success in the type of surgery that you need?

      Checks and improves the quality of its care.

    • How does the hospital keep track of and improve on its quality of care?
    • What are the hospital’s ratings?

      Performs well on measures of quality, including a national patient survey.

    • Make sure the hospital ranks high in quality on national rankings.

      Participates in Medicare.

    • Make sure the hospital participates in Medicare, as well as your particular health plan if you have Medigap, Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part D.

      Meets your needs in terms of location and other factors, like visiting hours.

    • Does the doctor you wish to see work with the hospital you want to use?
    • Is the hospital in a convenient location for you, your family, and friends?
    • Are the visiting hours convenient?
    • What are the rules for visitors staying overnight?

      Is covered by your health plan.

    • Under your plan, are you required to visit certain hospitals or specialists? Will hospitals or specialists outside of your network cost more?
    • Do you need a referral or permission from your health plan before being admitted for care?
    • Will you be able to receive care after you leave the hospital, and will it be covered?
    • If your service is not covered, can you set up a payment plan with the hospital beforehand?

    Make notes on the questions above, ask your provider, and be assured that you will choose the best and most cost-efficient hospital experience for you.

Medicare By State

Medicare is regulated by the federal government. However, private insurance companies are allowed to offer various parts of Medicare, and these plans can differ from state to state.

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