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    Apple is working with Medicare plans to get Apple watches for seniors over 65. I’ve been wanting to get myself an apple watch, but they are just so pricey. Sounds like a great idea if they can make it happen. Definitely an interesting read:

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    Wow! Thanks for sharing! My grandkids bought me an iPad last Christmas. I thought I’d never use it, but now I’ve grown attached and was considering buying an Apple Watch. It looks like they have some great technology for monitoring my health. It would be a nice gadget to have!

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    A lady in my Sunday school class was showing her new apple watch off a couple weeks ago. I wasn’t all that jealous until she started talking about how it has “fall detection” and all those other medical perks. I almost thought of buying one that afternoon, but my son was too busy to take me to the apple shop. Now I am glad I didn’t go. Hope this happens!

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