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    Hello everyone. I’m approaching Medicare age…although I feel much younger than I am. I have no clue how much I will have to fork out for decent healthcare coverage on Medicare. Anyone mind sharing what they’re paying monthly? I’m currently not on medications, but I may have to get Part D anyway or pay the penalty. Thank you!

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    Medicare Part B premiums are indexed for inflation—they’re adjusted periodically to keep pace with inflation. What you pay this year may not be what you pay next year. Premiums are also means-tested. This means that they’re somewhat dependent on your income. The more income you have, the higher your premium will be. Medicare has not yet announced the 2018 premium for Part B, although it was earlier projected to remain stable at $134 a month. Even if this good-news projection comes to pass, many of those folks held harmless in 2016 and 2017 will not receive any of their 2 percent Social Security boost. For people receiving modest Social Security benefits, all of the increase will go toward higher Part B premiums.

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    I had this same question and your response was so helpful, bwayne!

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    I pay around $109 a month. It’s not too bad, actually!

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