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    Hello, I was just diagonsed with macular degeration. My ophtalmologist recommended a drug called Lucentis, which is an injection into the eyes and is an effective treatment. It’s about $2,000 per monthly dose. Does anyone have experience with this drug and what Medicare might cover for this? That is such a lot of money.

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    There is a drug that is in common use that seems to be just as effective and safe as Lucentis. It is called Avastin. It was not intended to be used as a treatment for macular degeneration, but it is manufactured by the same company that manufactures Lucentis. In fact ophtalmolists have been using Avastin to treat macular generation since before Lucentis was approved by the FDA as a treatment. Best of all, a dose of Avastin is a mere $50 instead of $2000.

    Here is an article from the American Academy of Ophtalmology detailing some of the results of a 5-year study of the safety and effectiveness of Avastin vs Lucentis:

    I hope this is helpful for you. Perhaps your ophtalmologist would consider this as an alternative to Lucentis and could save you some money. Please take my advice just as that; I don’t know your specific situation like your ophtalmologist does, so perhaps they have a good reason to not mention Avastin. Do ask them about it.

    Isaac O.

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