Could Elizabeth Warren Be America’s Next Vice President?

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Biden is polling ahead of Trump in the 2020 election, especially amid Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. But one major question remains: who will Joe Biden choose for his vice presidential running mate?  

Candidates for VP

Many names have been tossed around for Joe Biden’s VP, including Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. But recently, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has been working hard to land the position. 

Senator Elizabeth “I have a plan for that” Warren has been vying for the VP spot, even changing her stance on Medicare for All to appeal more to Biden’s camp. Warren has been raising money for Biden through her supporters and has officially endorsed Biden for president. Warren’s support has significantly raised contributions to Biden’s campaign, making the two more friendly. According to a CBS News poll, Senator Warren is the top choice among Democrats to be Biden’s VP. 

Warren eases stance on Medicare for All

Warren has changed her tune slightly on Medicare for All. She stated to a group of students at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics that, “I think right now people want to see improvements in our healthcare system, and that means strengthening the Affordable Care Act.” Warren added that she still would like to see single payer healthcare come into fruition eventually. 

Presidential candidates generally choose a VP to complement them and make up for some of the experience that they lack. Many Democrats have been saying that Biden needs to choose a woman (which he has vowed to do), and also, that it should be a woman of color. A group of 500 black women leaders, as well as the group Democracy in Color and other groups, wrote letters to Biden urging him to choose a  black woman. Many argue that choosing a woman of color would give hope to communities of color and help him win the election against Donald Trump

Other groups, including the NAACP, are for the best candidate regardless of the color of her skin. 

Because of Biden’s advanced age — he will be 78 on inauguration day — many are noting that the Vice Presidential candidate will be more important than usual in this situation, as the person would need to be ready to take on the Presidential position. 

Pros to choosing Warren

Some political strategists argue that choosing Elizabeth Warren would help to win over Bernie Sanders supporters who might not have shown up to the polls. Having Warren as a running mate may appeal more to progressives who see the need for real change in healthcare and other issues concerning our country at this time. 

Cons to Warren

Some worry that Warren’s progressive stances could turn off voters who are more in the middle, such as moderate Republicans, Independents, or moderates like Biden. She also might not appeal to minority voters in key states and cities, or midwesterners in Rust Belt states. 

President-VP relationship

There is also the issue of the President and Vice President getting along together, or “clicking.” With Warren and Biden’s past of disagreeing with each other on major healthcare and other issues, even going back to a disagreement on bankruptcy reform 15 years ago (which they have recently settled their issues on), this may not be the best match. Only time will tell.

With the coronavirus outbreak, the “political moment has changed,” according to Warren. This may mean different decisions are made when it comes to politics. Biden is set to choose his running mate by November 3, but he could announce his decision as early as July. The 2020 Presidential election will be held on January 20.

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