How to Contact Government Representatives about Medicare

From plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to voting on the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), it seems the government has Medicare beneficiaries concerned about their healthcare coverage. Questions remain about how legislation will affect the costs of Medicare, if it will change eligibility for health insurance, and if it will affect the reach of Medicare coverage for prescription drugs and other medical services.  We may not have the best answers, but we want to help you find them.

We know you want to be heard, especially when it comes to contacting your government officials. Getting in touch with your local government representative can be difficult, so we’ve put together a list of ways to get in touch with them and how best to get the results you want when it comes to your Medicare coverage.

How to Contact Your Local Representatives

For starters, here are some methods to contact government officials:

  • Find your local government officials on the site. The USA Government’s website has registries available for you to do searches specific to what you’re looking for in your area.
  • Facebook now has a feature called “Town Hall” that makes it easy to not only find out who your representative is, but also contact them with just the click of a button. This feature can be found in the left side of your home screen under “Explore.”
  • Attend local Town Hall events. Most Congress members hold meetings a few times a year. You can find the dates and locations by signing up for you member’s email alerts, checking the Congress member’s website or use Town Hall Project to find your closest location.
  • Most public figures have Twitter accounts and send out thoughts and updates regularly through the platform. Follow your representative for updates and a chance to respond to them.
  • Emails and letters are both effective ways of reaching out to your representative. This method makes it easier for you to construct your question and deliver your message, but can sometimes take longer in getting a response.
  • Sometimes the best method is to call your local congress member. Phone calls are more personal and more likely to get a response than email. The appropriate email and mailing address can be found on various platforms such as their website, government database and Facebook.

Before reaching out to your local representative, you will want to make sure that you have prepared yourself beforehand.

How to Communicate with Your Local Representatives

Communicating with a government representative about your Medicare coverage is an important conversation. Here are some pointers on how to best prepare for it:

  • Before you ask a question, do your research. Make sure you’ve prepared your question and know the background well enough to explain your question if necessary.
  • In order to get the most information possible, make sure to phrase your question carefully and avoid giving the option of a simple yes or no answering your question.
  • If you have a question, you want to be taken seriously and get the most you can in your answer. In order to do that, it’s best to be respectful and not get heated.

Remember the saying, “you catch more flies with honey” and remain tactful when talking with the representative in order to get the most information possible. If you prepare yourself beforehand and remain respectful whether it’s in person or over the phone, you have better chances of getting an in depth answer that fully answers your question.

The conversation about Medicare coverage will continue to be important as it is ongoing. If you have concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local government official to share your thoughts on how you feel they should work to protect Medicare.

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