Medigap Plan Costs: What are They State to State?

Saving for retirement is extremely important and can feel like it’s never-ending. That means it’s even more important to know your options when it comes to making retirement doable. Medigap could be the answer for you. But what are the Medigap plan costs?

It’s not uncommon for Medigap costs to be overlooked when it comes to saving for retirement. But Medicare doesn’t cover everything, so often a Medigap plan is helpful in supplementing Medicare coverage.

Medigap plans are extra health insurance policies that are sold by private companies to help pay for some of the health care costs traditional Medicare doesn’t cover, such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. 

According to research done by, these are the most costly and cheap states for Medigap coverage:

5 costliest states for Medigap coverage annually

Connecticut $1,861
Texas $1,860
Alaska $1,851
Florida $1,831
California $1,817

5 cheapest states for Medigap coverage annually

Wisconsin $1,495
Iowa $1,468
Oregon $1,468
New Mexico $1,464
Hawaii $1,310
As you can see, Medigap plan costs can vary significantly by state. 

Cost of Living Adjustment

When there is a Medigap inflation, Social Security recipients get a cost of living adjustment. That doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to afford a Medigap plan though. Factors like Medigap plan costs being based on your age make it difficult to make up the difference. The older you are, the more you will have to pay.

When deciding where to settle down in your retirement, it’s important to consider things like Medigap plan costs along with the cost of living. Sometimes, Medicare coverage alone isn’t going to make the cut if you want to enjoy your years after leaving the workforce.

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