medicare advantage plans

Medicare Advantage Plans: Popular States

Medicare Advantage plans have almost 16 million seniors that are currently enrolled. The states that are in the Midwest, South, and West have the highest numbers of Medicare beneficiaries that are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans (sometimes referred to as Medicare Part C) are offered by private companies that are approved and regulated by Medicare.
A Medicare Advantage Plan will provide all of your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage, plus some additional benefits like hearing care, vision care, and gym memberships.

Why are the Medicare Advantage numbers rising so much? The following are a few of the differences in upgrading to Medicare Advantage:

  • More benefits
  • Guaranteed Enrollment regardless of medical history
  • Easily customize your policy
  • Low monthly premiums

medicare advantage plans

Find Your Perfect Medicare Plan
in Seconds

Find Your Perfect Medicare Plan
in Seconds

There's never been an easy way for Medicare beneficiaries to save on services and products not covered by Medicare alone, until now.

Medicare Advantage numbers

Some companies estimate that the majority will be enrolled in Medicare Advantage by 2021 since about one third of Medicare enrollees are currently in a Medicare Advantage plan now.

There are over 22 million seniors that are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in February 2019.

According to data from 2017, there were 19.2 million Medicare Advantage enrollees. Minnesota is the state with the highest number at 57.3 percent. Minnesota has a plan called Medicare Cost that is essentially a hybrid plan that includes both Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

At least 40 percent of Medicare enrollees chose Medicare Advantage in California, Florida, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Hawaii. Medicare Advantage enrollment is much lower in the states that have less of a population.

Moving forward

The health insurance companies do their research on areas that are more densely populated with seniors. States such as Florida and California have been targeted, but moving forward, other states in the Midwest could also be targeted to increase Medicare Advantage enrollment.

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