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House delays Medicare tax repeal on wealthy in AHCA bill

BY THINKADVISOR: The version of the American Health Care Act bill that passed in the House last week would keep the additional Medicare tax, or Medicare surtax, in place until the 2023 tax year., the official congressional legislative information service, made that detail clear when it posted a copy of the official, “engrossed” version of H.R. 1628, the AHCA bill. (read more)

The bipartisan ‘single payer’ solution: Medicare Advantage premium support for all

BY BILLY WYNNE: While the Medicare Advantage market would need to be expanded to ensure adequate consumer choice and plan competition, having all payers participate in a single, unified program will substantially alleviate this redundancy and frustration in our current system. Now, please stop asking me to fill out a paper-based intake form every time I come see you. (read more)

Hearing should be accessible, affordable and safe- for everyone

BY JAMES APPLEBY: Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic health condition facing older people. Yet hearing aids aren’t covered by Medicare. Paying out-of-pocket for the devices — at an average cost of more than $2,300 per hearing aid — is too expensive for many people. And hearing aids are typically sold bundled with fees charged for evaluation, follow-up, and adjustments to the device, even though many consumers never use these services. (read more)

The new Medicare Plus Card saves you up to 75% on things not covered by Medicare

Medicare doesn’t cover everything. Luckily, those on Medicare can now start saving on out of pocket expenses like prescription drugs, dental, vision, hearing, and more. Over 1 million people have already received their free Medicare Plus Card.

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