Trump Runs Fake Campaign Ads to Target OIder Voters

Have you seen President Trump’s latest campaign ad against Joe Biden and his desire to cut Social Security and Medicare? It’s “FAKE NEWS.” The New York Times dissected Trump’s ad against Biden to help senior voters understand how they are being targeted and manipulated. 

Trump is desperate for the senior vote

The need for the senior vote has become a major issue for the Trump campaign. It has led to false campaign ads aired in Arizona and other states attempting to frame Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, as a former senator who “tried to cut Social Security and Medicare for decades.” This is simply not true. 

The message of Trump’s ad campaign

The Trump administration has attempted over and over again to frame Joe Biden as the evil candidate in regards to most things, but especially for older American citizens. This $926,000 ad produced and orchestrated by the Trump Administration shows a clip of Biden as senator giving a speech favoring the act of freezing Social Security. It goes on to falsely suggest that, as president, Biden would take senior’s Medicare and Social Security away and give it to undocumented immigrants. Again, this is completely false.

The TRUTH about Biden his senior advocacy

As senator of Delaware for 36 years, Joe Biden did support some acts that implied the slowing of Social Security spending but also supported acts that would protect senior benefits. In addition, Biden co-sponsored an amendment with two Republican senators that froze nearly all military and domestic spending in 1984. In 1996, he supported raising the retirement age. 

FACT CHECK: Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign is run on the belief that “Social Security and Medicare are sacred”. He is certainly not planning on taking away Social Security or Medicare to give to undocumented immigrants.

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What Trump is actually doing

In regards to President Trump’s plan for Social Security and Medicare in his 2020 Election, he has chosen to “protect Social Security” with his new tax law. The Trump campaign has struggled to maintain the president’s support among older voters nationwide, and this ad is a clear attempt to win them back.

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