Uber Health Signed Contract with American Logistics Company


Uber recently signed a contract with American Logistics Company. By signing this contract, they are connecting with some of the largest health insurers in the nation.

Uber Health

Uber Health is the healthcare business line of the popular ride sharing company, Uber. Uber Health services are not a replacement for emergency service vehicles, but there have been cases of people using Ubers rather than calling for an ambulance due to the time and expense of ambulance services.

The start of Uber Health was put in motion shortly after statistics were released showing that many patients were missing their healthcare appointments due to not having transportation. Uber Health is designed to help patients get to medical facilities when the situation is not considered an emergency. 

The process for using Uber Health starts with a web dashboard that allows the input of the client’s name, number, and pick-up location. The number listed will then receive a text with the details of their booked ride.

The ride service will store information from the trip, but only on the client-side and HIPAA-compliant servers. Uber never stores that data on their own. Viewing of the records is only for the organization to use for billing and reporting.


This new contract is considered to be the company’s first national collaboration with a healthcare transportation management company. The partnership shows how a ride sharing company can find lucrative opportunities in the healthcare field.

As health insurers such as Anthem, which is contracted with American Logistics, continue to move away from the previous fee-for-service medicine to the more common value-based care and population health models, ride sharing companies can have a key role in making that happen.

CareMore, which is owned by Anthem, is an integrated delivery system that provides care to about 150,000 patients. These patients are enrolled in Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans.

The partnership with American Logistics shows a commitment to healthcare that hasn’t been shown by any other ride sharing company yet. 

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