9 Reasons Seniors Should Quit Smoking

Want to do something awesome to improve your health as a senior? QUIT SMOKING. Smoking tobacco can lead to three of the major causes of death among seniors… Heart Disease, Cancer, and Stroke. Smoking can be linked to the deaths of over 70% of the senior population (Those 65 and older). As you age, smoking only hinders your chance at prolonging your life, so put the cigarettes down! Here are 8 reasons you should quit smoking tobacco and how it can help your life, even in your golden years.

  1. When you quit smoking your heart rate can drop to a normal level.
  2. Carbon monoxide levels drop in your body and oxygen in your blood increases to normal.
  3. Your smell and taste improve.
  4. Heart attack risks decline.
  5. Lung capacity increases.
  6. Circulation improves.
  7. You cut your risks in half for coronary heart disease when you quit smoking.
  8. Your risk of dying from lung cancer decreases by 50%.
  9. If you go several years without smoking, you can get back to the health of someone who never smoke in their life.

*Tips Courtesy Cypress Health

* Call the Smokers’ Helpline for free and personalized tools to help you quit smoking (Phone) 1-877-513-5333

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