Rabbit Trails: The Happiest Age Group, Inner Peace and Transcendent Art

What would you say is the happiest age group? Perhaps people in their 20s? Look at this infographic with quotes from famous philosophers about happiness, then think about it.


As you may have guessed by now, studies have shown that it is people over 60. This article touches on why and here is a hint: it has to do with letting go.

You may be saying to yourself, “Easier said than done.” Maybe you are one of many people who have gotten quite a few curveballs in life. Maybe you are grieving a loss or suffering from health problems.

You may not be in the position where you can hire a life coach or a therapist, but there are some great resources online that give you tips and tricks to strengthening your ability to find inner peace. We found this New Zealander life coach’s website to be charming and full of interesting and thoughtful videos and articles. Her accent is pretty cool, too. Here is a thoughtful infographic from Bernadette Logue’s blog:

You may believe some of these tenets already, but finding motivation is like bathing – you have to do it frequently and we recommend daily! Bernadette also has many good quality videos. There is a good one in an article about letting go, or as she puts it, “How to Stop Resisting.” (Hint: there is a pop-up ad with an offer for a free audio motivation recording by her. It has a photo of a lotus on the ad. There is an “x” in the top right corner.) If you want to see the video only, you can find it here on Vimeo.

She also has a course on finding inner peace. The course requires a sign up, but she has tons of videos on the page that talk about inner peace vs. happiness.

We took some notes while engrossed in one of her videos about inner peace. Here they are for you to chew on.

  • What is inner peace? Inner peace is calm and stillness within yourself.
  • Inner peace is always available regardless of circumstances. 
  • It is the most consistent, reliable, enjoyable and powerful state. It is a springboard to happiness and situations conducive to happiness.
  • “Happiness” usually occurs because something happens in your external life and you are happy about it as a natural consequence. You can also choose to look for things in your life to be happy about – havin a “gratitude attitude.”
  • Inner peace is created no matter what is going on.

Sometimes it helps to watch something relaxing or awe-inspiring. These art exhibits by TeamLab are both. They use a masterful combination of art and digital technology. Their exhibit: “Crystal Universe” in Taiwan is fabulous. Also check out “Transcending Boundaries” now open in the UK. The videos of their light-filled, interactive exhibits are worth watching. Here are all their videos on Youtube. 

This is where our rabbit trail ends, but have fun making your own! We at Medicare World hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Take care!

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