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What You Can Do on the Social Security Website

Social Security is a government system that provides monetary support to retirees and some people with disabilities. It funds itself through payroll taxes, or money paid into the system that’s taken out of your paycheck every month while you’re working.

Social Security is making it easier than ever for you to manage your Social Security benefits online. Here are a few things you can do through Social Security’s website,

  • Request a replacement Social Security card
  • Apply for Social Security benefits
  • Get your Social Security statement
  • Appeal a decision
  • Find out if you qualify for benefits
  • Estimate your future benefits
  • Find your full retirement age
  • Block electronic access to your account
  • Create a my Social Security account if you receive:
    • Medicare benefits
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Disability
    • Retirement or spouse’s benefits

For 2018, the average monthly Social Security payment is $1,404. If this puts you on a tight budget, you might find it helpful to manage your benefits on

If you’d like to visit your local Social Security office, search here to find a location near you. You can also call toll-free Monday through Friday, 7am-7pm: 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778).

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