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Lawsuit aims to give Medicare seniors rights on hospital stay

BY LIZ FREEMAN: The Washington, D.C.-based Center for Medicare Advocacy, which focuses on seniors’ rights, was recently granted class action status in a lawsuit against the federal government regarding Medicare‘s “observation status” policy. The issue is whether patients should have the right to appeal to Medicare when they are placed by a hospital on the outpatient-based observation designation, as opposed to admitted. (read more)

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The future of value-based payment – Time to reexamine and refocus our efforts

BY CHARLES KAHN: Great strides have been made over the years in the care of Medicare beneficiaries by focusing on and implementing quality performance measurement and hospital value-based payment systems. However, the laws and regulations that drive these efforts have not been revisited since their inception, and it is time for reexamination. Changes and adjustments should be made to ensure that the programs continue to advance better and more efficient care across the health care delivery system. (read more)

Medicare scare tactics

BY LORI ROBERTSON: TV ads from a Democratic group warn seniors that “right now, your Medicare coverage is in danger,” claiming “deep, automatic cuts” could be made by “unelected Washington bureaucrats.” But those cuts, according to current estimates, wouldn’t be implemented until 2023, and they would amount to .002 percentage points of Medicare growth that year. (read more)


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