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Here are the top Medicare Stories Trending in the U.S. today, March 16, 2017:

Experts worry ObamaCare repeal plan puts Medicare trust fund at risk

BY CHRISTINE AYALA: A little noticed element of the Republican plan for repealing and replacing ObamaCare could put the Medicare trust fund at risk, experts worry. The plan, which faces a vote before the House Budget Committee on Thursday, would slash revenue for the fund that pays for hospital benefits — a precedent-setting move if signed into law.

Trumpcare Raids Medicare To Enrich The Wealthy And Plant A Bomb

BY NANCY ALTMAN: Trumpcare is Robin Hood in reverse. It robs from the elderly, people with disabilities, and poor children to give massive tax giveaways to millionaires and billionaires.

GOP’s health reform plan threatens Medicare

BY JOHN WEBSTER: Little noticed in the Republican proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is a tax cut that would benefit the wealthy and undercut funding for Medicare, on which 55 million senior and disabled Americans depend for their health care.

How Trumpcare Will Crush Millennials and Their Boomer Parents

BY ERIN GLORIA RYAN: As the Affordable Care Act’s future hangs in the balance, so too does the future of a generation moving into old age and the generation that will care for them as they do.

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