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In case you missed it, there’s a new Medicare audit process coming 

BY EMILY MONGAN: We’re living in a very newsy time — it seems like every time I check my phone or my Twitter timeline there’s some new story breaking. It’s a good, albeit crazy, time to be a journalist.

The more connected you are to news sources, whether it’s via social media, television news, print publications or various industry resources, the more stories you’ll be bombarded with every day. (read more)

Cancer centers accused of Medicare fraud, unsafe practices

BY FRANK GLUCK: Two of the nation’s largest cancer-care providers are accused of engaging in an illegal “gentleman’s agreement” to divide up treatment services in Florida.

The allegation against Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute and 21st Century Oncology lists multiple claims — gender discrimination, fraudulent Medicare billing and unsafe medical practices — against the companies in a 50-page federal whistleblower lawsuit filed last year that had, until recently, been under seal and out of the public eye.(read more)

Medicare unveils ‘Skeletal’ site for hospice comparison shopping

BY MELISSA BAILEY: Medicare launched a website aimed at helping families choose a hospice — but experts say it doesn’t help very much.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services this week released Hospice Compare, a consumer-focused website that lets families compare up to three hospice agencies at a time, among 3,876 nationwide. Following similar websites for hospitals and nursing homes, the site aims to improve transparency and empower families to “take ownership of their health,” according to a press release. (read more)

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