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Medicare to divulge when a doc’s patient is in an ACO

BY VIRGIL DICKSON: The CMS is making a more concerted effort to make sure doctors know which patients they’re responsible for in Medicare accountable care organizations.

The CMS has updated the Medicare website to allow a beneficiary to list his or her primary-care doctor. If that doctor is in an ACO, the beneficiary would be assigned to both that provider and their ACO starting next year. (read more)

Health care cost inflation remains major retiree challenge

BY JOHN MANGANARO: Health care remains one of the largest costs for people entering and living in retirement, warns Adam Stavisky, senior vice president, Fidelity Benefits Consulting, and for that reason planning for these expenses is “a critical part of any retirement savings strategy.” (read more)

Who will save social security when the GOP tries to break it?

BY MALCOLM MITCHELL: The 2017 Social Security Trustees Report, published on July 13, contains 250 pages of statistics and text so dense that only policy wonks will plow through. Yet one brief footnote reveals how Social Security bashers could finally break a system that has supported retired Americans for nearly 80 years. The mainstream media missed the clue. But Stephen C. Goss caught it. (read more)

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