3 Things to Know about Medicare Part A

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Medicare coverage can get confusing. Each part has its own coverage specifications and enrollment guidelines. To help simplify things for you, we have put together a list of crucial information to know about Medicare Part A.

The following three things are the major aspects of Medicare Part A broken down.

  1. Getting Medicare Part A Coverage Isn’t Always Automatic – For some people, Medicare Part A coverage automatically starts when you turn 65 years old. For others, there is a time frame that you will need to sign up in order for your coverage to begin after turning 65. In order to be automatically enrolled, you must already be receiving Social Security benefits. If you are not already receiving your Social Security Retirement benefits, you will need to manually enroll during you Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) if you’re not yet receiving or eligible for your retirement benefits.
  2. When to Sign Up – Everyone has an IEP for Medicare Part A. If you’re not automatically enrolled, your IEP starts as early as three months before your 65th birthday and continues up to three months after. Depending on when you enroll is when your coverage will start. For example, if you enroll within 3 months before your 65th birthday, your coverage will start the month you turn 65. If you enroll the month you turn 65, your coverage will start the month after. If you enroll 1-3 months after your 65th birthday, your coverage will start one month after your enrollment date.
  3. What is Covered – Medicare Part A is also known as hospital coverage. It’s important to know what Medicare Part A does cover for you when you have to use any of the following: skilled nursing services, private hospital room, inpatient treatment, and general hospital services and supplies. For more details on specifics of your personal coverage, you can call 1-800-MEDICARE or visit the www.medicare.gov website.

Medicare Part A is the first of four parts that makes up Medicare.  Make sure you know the difference in the parts of your Medicare and their coverage. For more details on your coverage, visit medicare.gov. If you need to enroll in Medicare Part A, you can do so by calling or visiting your local Social Security Office at 1-800-772-1213 and visiting the website at www.socialsecurity.gov.

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