Do you know about SilverSneakers?

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SilverSneakers is a nationwide program dedicated to helping seniors get fit and stay healthy through routine exercise. It was created by Mary Swanson in 1992 after her father survived a heart attack at 51 and pledged to improve his health with regular physical activity. Now offered at more than 14,000 fitness locations across the country, you can choose between Zumba classes at one gym, free weights at another, and swim laps at yet another.

SilverSneakers offers more than 70 types of classes to choose from, including boot camp, circuit training, strength and balance, tai chi, yoga, and water aerobics. With SilverSneakers, you truly have everything you could ever want out of a fitness program at your fingertips. You’ll never run out of choices or get bored of your exercise routine again.

Who covers it?

Although it’s not offered through Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), over 60 Medicare Advantage (Part C) and Medigap plans offer coverage of the program. Find out if your Medicare plan covers SilverSneakers here.

What do they offer?

SilverSneakers provides options beyond the gym, offering classes at community centers, churches, parks, and other local venues. And if you prefer a traditional gym experience, many gyms offer a free tour and equipment training in case you step into the gym and feel overwhelmed by the options and confusing equipment.

SilverSneakers also offers something most traditional gyms don’t: social support. Many SilverSneakers members report building strong relationships with other members and participating in potlucks and other community outings with people they’ve met through the program.

SilverSneakers reports that 94% of members rate their health as excellent, very good, or good, and 91% of members say the program has improved their quality of life.  With SilverSneakers, you can strengthen your physique and social nature at the same time to assure you stay happy and healthy longer.

Where can SilverSneakers programs be found?

SilverSneakers can be found at over 14,000 fitness locations nationwide at no cost to you. That means if you go on vacation within the U.S., you don’t have to settle for sub-par hotel gym equipment.

Why settle for a membership at one gym when you can have access to thousands across the country? Over 67% of members have a SilverSneakers location within 5 miles of their home, so physical fitness and health is never far out of reach.

For more information about SilverSneakers, visit their website here

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