Will Medicare Cover Incontinence Underwear?

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Many older adults need to use incontinence underwear (adult diapers). This is a common issue and nothing to be ashamed of. Incontinence underwear nowadays is sleek and not even noticeable under your clothing, allowing you to live a fun and active life as a senior.

Since incontinence underwear are not considered durable medical equipment (DME), they are not covered by Medicare. However, there are ways you can get help with paying for adult diapers and incontinence supplies.


If you have Medicaid, you may be able to get help paying for incontinence underwear. Contact your state’s Medicaid office to find out more. If Medicaid does help with adult diapers, there will usually be a limit to how many it will help with per month, and they need to be deemed as medically necessary.


Veteran’s Administration (VA) Health Care may also be able to help with the costs. You will need a prescription or other statement from your doctor saying that a specific brand of incontinence underwear that you choose is medically necessary.

Veterans Directed Care

Veterans Home and Community Based Services (Veterans Directed Care) is another option for helping with the costs.

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Local resources

In some communities, there are also nonprofit diaper banks that give away incontinence underwear for free. In addition, the Salvation Army, local food bank, Goodwill, or local Area Agency on Aging may be able to help.


Here are some more tips for getting incontinence underwear:

  • Use coupons when you can
  • Use a discount prescription drug card to get a discount
  • Save your receipts and deduct the costs of incontinence underwear when you file taxes
  • Buy incontinence underwear in bulk online to save
  • Request free samples from an incontinence underwear brand

What Medicare will cover

Medicare may cover any tests that need to be done to check out the causes of incontinence. In this case, Medicare Part B would cover any tests. You would pay 20 percent of the amount for the Medicare-approved test. Medigap plans can help cover the copays and coinsurance.


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Find a Medicare Plan Near You!

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