Medicare and Flu Shots

How do you know if your Medicare covers a flu shot? Good news! If you have Medicare Part B, you’re covered for one flu shot for every flu season, which runs roughly from October through May.

Medicare Part B is one of the two components of Original Medicare. Part B covers 100% of the seasonal flu shots. Your Medicare Part B deductible does not apply to this particular service, and it is totally covered by Medicare.

Where Can You Get Your Flu Shot?

You can get your flu shot anywhere as long as the doctor or health care provider will accept the Medicare assignment. If you get your flu shot from someone who does not accept the assignment, you will be responsible for the service fees.

Medicare Advantage has to offer the same coverage as the Original Medicare, so your plan will still cover flu shots once during the flu season. If you have a private health plan, they may not require that you get a referral in order to receive your flu shot, but they require that you get your flu shot within your plan’s network of providers. Be sure to check with your providers before trying to get your flu shot to avoid paying out-of-pocket expenses.

About the Flu Shot

The flu shot differs every year according to the strain that’s spreading and the different components used in the shots. The 2017-2018 flu shot has been updated for the circulating viruses and it is not recommended that you use the nasal spray flu vaccine again this year. 

Australia currently has a bad flu season going on, which can serve as a warning sign for the U.S. Most of the flu cases in Australia have been found in people over the age of 80 and from 5 to 9 years old. The new flu shot in the U.S. protects against the virus that’s currently hitting Australia.

The most vulnerable people when it comes to the flu are people older than 65. The flu is spread person-to-person contact such as sneezing, talking, or coughing.

Don’t forget that open enrollment starts Oct. 15. Make sure that you are enrolled in Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage to get your flu shot to head off what is predicted to be a bad flu season.

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