The Latest Updates on Medicare for December

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Each month, Medicare World takes a look back on the latest news and trends that are important to Medicare beneficiaries. Here’s our report for the month of December.

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year! We hope you had a happy and healthy holiday season, and are looking forward to the coming year.

In the month of December we covered a variety of Medicare topics.

Does Medicare cover that?

In our expanding What Medicare Covers series, we have gone over Medicare’s coverage of:

For each topic, we explain what Medicare covers, the coats, how it is covered, and what you  can do to get help for the things that Medicare does not cover.

Top Medicare Stories

In political news, we elucidated what the new split Congress will mean for Medicare.

In lifestyle news, we go into the top 6 costs that can eat up your retirement savings.

In costs, we outline everything you need to know about what you’ll pay for Part B in 2019.

And in current healthcare news, we hit on why hospitals wake you up throughout the night and how that can affect your health.

Keep up with Medicare World in 2019 as we cover news, healthcare updates, costs, and more.

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