The Latest Updates on Medicare for January

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Believe it or not, we’ve already reached the end of January 2019. There has been a lot going on in Medicare news this month!

Political news

In political news, the Democrats took control of the House, causing a shift in power in Congress. We explored all that that will mean for Medicare, drug prices, and more.

With the government shutdown taking place most of this month, we outlined what this means for the government. While it did not affect Medicare, there are several other agencies that have been affected.

Disenrollment opportunity

Also in the news for those with Medicare Advantage, there is a new enrollment period happening now until March 31 in which you can disenroll from your plan and choose a new Medicare Advantage plan or go back to Original Medicare.

New bill to add dental to Medicare?

In Medicare coverage news, a new bill is in play that would include dental coverage under Medicare.

Taking care of yourself

In this flu season, we outline everything you need to do to prepare yourself for the flu.

Does Medicare cover that?

We’ve continued our Medicare coverage series letting you know all about what Medicare covers.

This month, we’ve given you the ins and outs on what Medicare covers for:


Plastic surgery

Oxygen therapy


More information

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