The Latest Updates on Medicare for March

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Each month, Medicare World takes a look back on the latest news and trends that are important to Medicare beneficiaries. Here’s our report for the month of March.

Medicare for All

At the beginning of this month, U.S. Democrats released their official Medicare for All bill. Until this bill, Medicare for All was a much-talked about idea. The introduction of the bill brought it closer to becoming a reality. Read all about the bill and how it would create a universal healthcare system.

Medicare for All is also in the news with healthcare lobbyists strongly voicing their opinions against it. It’s also been a hot button issue for all the potential candidates in the 2020 presidential election.

New potential rule for ambulance rides

Another big topic this month was a new rule that could greatly expand ambulance services to include rides to the doctor’s office and urgent care facilities. A two-year pilot program will try out this money-saving option to see if it works for Medicare beneficiaries. If so, the program will be expanded nationwide.

Trump news

President Trump also released his new budget proposal, which would include cuts to Medicare by up to $854 billion over 10 years. In addition, Medicaid would be cut by around $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

Medicare coverage

We continue our series on what Medicare covers with new articles on Medicare coverage of:

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