Biden Admin to Make Boosters Shots Ready in September

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Booster shots are no longer just for the immunocompromised. Starting the week of September 20, boosters will be available for everyone who got the Pfizer or Moderna shot.

Experts are still working on the plan for a Johnson & Johnson booster shot, as they are waiting on more data.

Vaccine protection weakens over time

New data has revealed that the vaccine efficacy does wane over time, and the recommended time period for a booster is 8 months after a person’s last dose of the vaccine.

The announcement comes with some pushback from the WHO. Lawrence Gostin of the WHO remarked that “We should boost only our health workers and vulnerable people. At the same time, Biden should pledge a bold campaign to vaccinate the world, including vastly increased donations and a surge in vaccine production. That way we do good to America and do good for the world. It’s in our national interests to stop the development of even more dangerous variants.”

However, U.S. Press Secretary Jen Psaki commented, “We believe that is a false choice. We can do both,” referring to helping Americans and the rest of the world combat the virus.

Booster shots were shown to be safe in early data. Healthcare workers and nursing home residents will be first in line for the booster shots.  People are encouraged to stick with the same brand of vaccine that they got the first time around.

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