Democrats Plan to Expand Medicare and Lower Eligibility Age

schumer, expanding medicare

The newly released $3.5 trillion Democratic budget plan reveals a plan to add dental, vision, and hearing care to Medicare. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer released the outline today that included the new provisions.

Adding dental vision, and hearing would make a big difference to Medicare beneficiaries, saving them potntially thousands of dollars each year.

The Democrats also plan to lower the Medicare eligibility age below age 65, but they have not settled on an age yet. 

Without proper hearing, dental, and vision coverage, many seniors forego care and end up with health problems and major bills.

The catch is that most members of the Democrats in the House and all in the Senate would have to agree in order for Shumer’s proposal to become law. This would be the largest expansion of Medicare benefits in Medicare’s history, perhaps apart from the addition of Medicare Part D, which is covered under a separate Medicare plan.

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