Labor Unions Bristle Against Medicare for All

labor union and medicare for all

Do the goals of labor unions and Medicare for All line up? The answer is not a simple yes or no.

What is a labor union?

A labor union is an organization of workers that have formed a group for the purpose of moving forward in the groups members’ interests. These interests typically include just wages, healthcare benefits, and safe working conditions.

The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions was formed in 1881 in the United States. However, the National Labor Union was created in 1866.  

What is Medicare for All?

The Medicare for All is a bill that aims to offer every American citizen Medicare coverage within four years. It would start by lowering the age limit for Medicare by 10 years every year until the fourth year when everyone would be covered.

How do they relate?

A relationship between labor unions and Medicare for All exists, but it is not a simple one. While it may seem like a labor union and Medicare for All have similar end goals, the labor union groups do not see it that way.

Some of the conservative labor union groups strongly oppose Medicare for All. A new initiative has been started that is called “Realities of Sing Payer” that opposes the Medicare for All bill. It is backed by groups in the healthcare industry and business groups. Their goal is to get rid of the idea of Medicare for All altogether.

Groups such as this are examples of the complicated relationship between labor unions and Medicare for All.

Most labor union groups feel as though they have been fighting long and hard for decent healthcare policies and that Medicare for All would mean they lose the quality of their healthcare.

As of now, the labor leaders have not been willing to take a large stand on the matter of Medicare for All since there are not enough people to move forward with the bill.

It is not hard to see why labor union groups support is scarce when they have already fought for more generous health benefits.

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