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Social Security Error Drops 250,000 from Medicare Coverage

Roughly 250,000 Medicare beneficiaries could be getting a surprise bill in the mail. Due to a Social Security error, there could be as many as five months of premiums that have not been paid for these unwitting beneficiaries. 

Even if you think you have already paid the premium, don’t throw the mail away. This is not a scam.

Social Security Errors

The Social Security Administration is calling this a processing error and that it started in January 2019. This error did not deduct premiums from some seniors who received their Social Security checks. 

The error does not only apply to Original Medicare, but also Medicare Advantage plans and private drug policies.

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What next?

For some, they will have to find a way to pay for their plan, while others could already find their plan has been cancelled.

The Medicare and Social Security programs have said they are expecting the proper payments and deductions will resume either this month or next. According to Medicare, insurers are being required to send the bill directly to beneficiaries.

How did it happen?

Although the error has been resolved according both programs, neither would give an explanation as to why or how the error occurred. The exact amount the plans are owed was not given either.

Medicare beneficiaries have two options when it comes to paying their premiums. The first, which has been available for over a decade, is automatic deduction from Social Security checks. The second option is charging credit cards or checking accounts directly rather than rely on Social Security.

Insurers are now required to allow members at least two months from the billing date to pay their costs. Medicare also says that insurers must offer up a payment plan for any beneficiaries that can not afford to pay the missing months all at once.

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