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Technology Enables Women To Access Medicare From Home In Complete Privacy: Statistics

BY EH NEWS BUREAU: Between January and April 2019, medical consultancy on chat by women increased by 43.9 per cent

With around 5000 consultations a day, Docprime, a Policybazaar group company connected 51 per cent women, who took online consultation from dedicated medical consultants. This leaves the rest, 49 per cent males taking on digital consultation. With the underlining digital gender gap that still persists in India, this transformation seems relevant and going forward, the internet usage is expected to be more gender balanced.

The statistics reveal that between January and April 2019, medical consultancy on chat by women increased by 43.9 per cent. It is hard to ignore the significant jump (almost double) in first two and three months of the year – 24.4 per cent between January and February to 45.4 per cent between January and March. Docprimes’ technology enables women to access medicare from home in complete privacy, all at your finger-tips. (read more)

Private health insurers paid four times more than Medicare for dialysis treatment, study finds

BY TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY: Private health insurers paid one of the nation’s largest dialysis companies treatment rates that were four times more than Medicare and Medicaid, according to an analysis by researchers at UCLA.

A research letter detailing their findings was published online Monday by JAMA Internal Medicine.

The context

Private insurers commonly pay more for health care services than Medicare or Medicaid, but exactly how much more is often hard to pin down because commercial rates are considered proprietary information. But as health care costs continue to rise, employers (who subsidize their workers’ health costs) and individuals (who are paying an ever-increasing share of those costs) are hungry for information that can help them determine if they’re paying fair and reasonable rates for care. (read more)

Poll: ‘Medicare for All’ Support Is High — But Complicated

BY CARL M. CANNON: Health care has emerged as the top policy issue for American voters, according to a new poll containing detailed data suggesting that any political party ignoring this topic – or misreading the public’s mood on it – does so at its own peril.

With the political discourse in Washington and in the national news media dominated by Russian hacking, President Trump’s business dealings and possible impeachment, the new survey asks respondents to rank the policy issues they consider most important to America’s future. In a list that included five other topics — the economy, the environment, education, foreign policy, and immigration — health care came out on top by a significant margin: 36% of Americans ranked it first, and 26% listed it as their second choice. Only the economy (26% ranked it first, 25% second) was close. (read more)

OPINION: Revisiting Medicare’s Coverage of Home Healthcare

BY RICK JOBUS: About a year ago, I wrote about how ALS patients may receive home healthcare on an uninterrupted basis, with expenses covered by Medicare. Since then, there has been both good news and bad news. The good news is that I recently “celebrated” my two-year anniversary of getting that coverage. The bad news is I recently learned that some folks are denied this right.

One example came to me from a friend of mine who has ALS and lives in Michigan. During one of her ALS clinic visits, she discussed home healthcare with her doctor, who gave her a prescription. The prescription contained all required elements in exacting detail. My friend would have had physical therapy “trigger” daily aide care, as I do. In fact, in comparing notes, her submission seemed identical to mine. Yet, her home health agency (HHA) of choice said coverage wasn’t forthcoming. Anecdotally, none of the patients served by her clinic seem to have been able to receive anything other than episodic home care. (read more)

Scam alert issued about Medicare/DNA testing schemes

BY OCALA STAFF: A state program issued an alert Tuesday that stated: “The SHINE Senior Medicare Patrol Program has been hearing about DNA and genetic testing schemes in other parts of the country and we recently learned that they are starting here in Florida.”

According to the news release, older adults at senior centers, housing complexes and other community locations are targeted for what’s called “free genetic testing, cancer screening or DNA testing.”

“During an event, beneficiaries are asked to swab their cheek to collect a DNA sample which will be sent to the lab for analysis. They are then told falsely that the test will be covered by Medicare 100% and all that is needed to process it is their Medicare number. This scam is resulting in fraudulent Medicare charges,” the release states. (read more)

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