New J.D. Power Rankings: Top 10 Medicare Advantage Plans

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A new J.D. Power study on member satisfaction rated the top 10 Medicare Advantage plans, with Kaiser Permanente earning the top spot for its fourth year.

Overall member satisfaction is still high with Medicare Advantage even though there are 1.5 million new enrollees, up 7.6 percent from last year.

Areas in which Medicare Advantage still needs to improve, according to the study, are information and communication, coordination of care between providers, and out-of-pocket cost controls.

Top 10 Medicare Advantage plans: Kaiser Permanente in top spot 

Here are the top 10 Medicare Advantage plans for 2018 (scores out of 1000 points):

  1. Kaiser Permanente (841)
  2. Highmark (807)
  3. Cigna-HealthSpring (798)
  4. Humana (796)
  5. UnitedHealthcare (787)
  6. BlueCross Blue Shield of Michigan (783)
  7. Aetna (780)
  8. Health Net All Well (780)
  9. Anthem (778)
  10. WellCare (742)

The rankings were based on coverage and benefits, customer service, claims processing, cost, provider choice, and information and communication.

J.D. Power based the findings on responses by 3.442 Medicare Advantage members across the U.S.

Key takeaways of the study

A few key points from the J.D. Power Medicare Advantage study are:

  • Member satisfaction is high overall with Medicare Advantage plans.
  • One way Medicare Advantage plans can improve is by working with members to manage out-of-pocket costs.
  • Members are happy with the care coordination between providers by their Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Medicare Advantage members need better and more frequent communication with their plans on enrollment, provider directories, coverage, resources, and charges for uncovered services.

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