ALL NEW: Trump Medicare Chief, Verma, Spent $6 Mil of Taxpayer Dollars on Her Own Image

This article was updated on September 17, 2020.

The details have been revealed of Seema Verma’s mass spending of $6 million in taxpayer dollars.

Seema Verma, who runs Medicare with a $1 trillion budget and 4,000 federal employees, overseeing federal health care programs used by 145 million poor and older Americans, has been reported spending that money and those resources on frivolous spendings, such as working on Ms. Verma’s personal image, obtain profiles and coverage from friendly reporters, escort her during travel, write opinion articles and even draft her Twitter posts. 

In addition, the report released on Thursday, September 10, outlined in detail the efforts of a team of handpicked Republican consultants paid by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

The consultants’ work often had nothing to do with running Medicare, Medicaid, and other massive health programs operated by the agency said the 56-page report, which was backed by over 1,700 pages of documents. Verma has run the agency since 2017.

“Congress did not intend for Administrator Verma or other senior CMS officials to use taxpayer dollars to stockpile CMS with handpicked consultants or promote Administrator Verma’s public profile and personal brand,” the report said.

Leaders from four congressional committees are now calling on Verma to “personally reimburse the taxpayers for these inappropriate expenditures.” We will see what unfolds from the drama in the White House.



After a 15-month inspection by the Office of Inspector General, an audit found that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Chief Seema Verma was mismanaging taxpayer’s money, “putting the government at risk for waste and abuse.”

The report revealed that Seema Verma had mismanaged contracts with branding and communications consultants in the following ways: 

  • Use of private consultants for personal benefit
  • Mismanagement of over $6 million in government contracts
  • Questionable payouts, such as $150,000 for a canceled bus tour and some possible double payments
  • Use of taxpayer funds to hire consultant to boost her brand and personal image
  • Use of outside consultants to write speeches, approve social media posts, and secure media appearances
  • Outside consultants managing government employees
  • Not utilizing the 200-person government communications officials on hand

The consulting contracts have since been halted. 

The report stated that in essence, the contracts ultimately benefited Republican communications consultants. 

Democrats call for Verma to resign

Now, a group of Democrats is even calling for the removal of Verma from her position as head of CMS. Eight Democrats issued a letter to President Trump, including Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Rep Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.).

“She has defied rules, skirted regulations, violated trust, misled Congress, and she must be replaced,” the Democrats wrote. “For someone who claims they want to reduce CMS spending, including reining in fraud and abuse, Verma has spent an exorbitant amount of taxpayer dollars for personal use, all to the detriment of CMS beneficiaries and the public,” they added.

Rep. Pramila Jaypal (D-Wash.) has also been vocal about Verma, tweeting, “The Inspector General’s report only adds to what we’ve long known:  Administrator Verma has been using government money for her personal benefit. This is the textbook definition of corruption, and we can’t allow it to go unchecked. She must resign or be removed.”

About Seema Verma

Verma is a close confidante of VP Mike Pence and a key member of the White House coronavirus task force. Other members of the coronavirus task force include Deborah Birx, Anthony Fauci, Steven Mnuchin, Alex Azar, Ben Carson, and Larry Kudlow. 

One of the consultants contracted was Verma’s personal friend and former communications consultant in Indiana, Marcus Barlow. Another was Pam Stevens, a high-profile Washington communications expert. 

Verma has been responsible for expanding telehealth during the coronavirus pandemic and serves over Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare, which she has worked with the Administration to repeal. 

Verma and HHS respond

Verma rejected the Inspector General’s report, saying that the claims were “unsubstantiated assumptions and incomplete analyses … Those contracts that we have in place are consistent with how the agency has used resources in the past, and they’re focused on promoting the work,” she told the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) agreed to review its contracts and follow the recommendations of the Inspector General, although they stated that no disciplinary action will be taken. 

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