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Just 20% of Medicare recipients 65+ use their health plan’s portal regularly

BY HEALTHMINE SURVEY: Sixty-five percent of Medicare health plan members aged 65+ are connected to their health plan’s member portal; 31% say that digital connections via mobile app/text/email/website are the primary way they interact with their plan.

Seniors’ connectivity to their plan’s portal lags that of 26-to-64-year-old plan members. 89% of health plan members under 65 said they are connected to their health plan through a member portal in a February 2017 HealthMine survey. Just 21% of respondents ages 26-64 said they use their plan’s member portal regularly. (read more)

High costs, lack of affordability most common factors that lead consumers to cancel health insurance coverage

BY CMS PRESS: Today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published two reports, the Effectuated Enrollment report and The Health Insurance Exchanges Trends report. These reports show that after selecting a plan on the Exchanges during open season which ended January 31, 2017, less than two months later nearly 2 million people had not paid their insurance premium to effectuate and maintain their health coverage. This number will be adjusted for individuals who effectuate their coverage in March 2017. Exit survey data also contained in the reports indicate that cost is the top reason cited for ending their coverage. Taken together, these reports provide a better understanding of why consumers are leaving the Exchanges. (read more)

AHA calls for personalized care access in Medicare Advantage

BY TIMOTHY JOST: The American Hospital Association says Medicare Advantage should account for better access to care via telehealth and offer personalized care that overcomes social determinant barriers.

As a part of its social services advocacy, the AHA also suggested Congress create options that might make it easier for a patient to stay in their own homes when patient health begins to deteriorate. The organization said MA should cover personal care options and remote patient monitoring tools to allow better at-home care. (read more)

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