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Advocacy groups urge HHS to formally withdraw Medicare Part B drug payment model

BY ASCO SPOKESPERSON: ASCO joined nearly 270 patient and provider advocacy groups in signing a letter to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price, urging the agency to formally withdraw the Obama Administration’s proposed Medicare Part B Drug Payment Model.

The proposed demonstration project, which would reduce the Average Sales Price (ASP) reimbursement rate for Part B drugs based on primary care service areas, was abandoned in late 2016 following strong opposition from patient and physician groups—including ASCO—as well as bipartisan opposition in Congress. Critics opposed the proposal’s flawed premise, experimental nature, and lack of important patient protections. However, the proposal was never formally withdrawn. (read more)

Smaller Medicare programs could find fertile ground for growth

BY MINDY YOCHELSON: With a blossoming Medicare population, attention needs to be directed to small, less familiar managed care programs to see if they should be pruned or pulled up.

That was the message last week during a House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee hearing.

The main Medicare Advantage program, which enrolls a third of beneficiaries in managed care, has sprouted a few offshoots targeted at special groups of beneficiaries, those particularly ill and/or lacking in financial resources. (read more)

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New analysis of GOP health-care bill says 13 million more would become uninsured, fewer than CBO estimate

BY CNBC: A new government analysis finds that the House’s Obamacare replacement bill would lead to 10 million fewer people lacking health insurance in the next decade than had been estimated by the Congressional Budget Office — but also projects higher premiums for many customers of individual health plans.

The report was issued Tuesday, shortly after President Donald Trump reportedly told a group of 13 Republican senators that the House bill passed last month by the GOP majority was “mean,” and that the version being drafted in the Senate should be “more generous.” (read more)

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