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Medicare postal service bailout

Medicare cannot afford a reckless USPS bailout

BY ROSS MARCHAND: Medicare’s breaking point is nigh, with the program’s trustees projecting that solvency will only last until 2029. For American adults that will be dependent on the program in twelve short years, the trustee’s grave prognosis is a cause for alarm.

But, at a time when program expenses need to be minimized in a delicate balancing act, more costs may be offloaded onto Medicare by the United States Postal Service (USPS) through reckless congressional actions. In introducing the Postal Reform Act of 2017, lawmakers hope to use Medicare funds to bail out the retirement funds awash in red ink at the USPS. But adding billions of dollars to an already-beleaguered program is simply the wrong solution to a longstanding problem. (read more)

Why ‘Medicare for all’ means deadly trouble for seniors

BY BETSY MCCAUGHEY: If you’re a Baby Boomer, you’re expecting Medicare to pay for that knee replacement or cataract operation you’ll need in 10 or 20 years. Don’t count on it. Healthcare reform is taking a dangerous turn.

Democrats, energized by the failure to repeal ObamaCare, are again pushing a government takeover of healthcare they call “Medicare for all.” Senators took the first step last week, announcing a bill to expand Medicare for people age 55 and up. Boomers beware. These schemes will push people 65 and older to the back of the line for healthcare. (read more)

Competitive bidding helped trim device prices for CMS

BY NICOLE LOU: Competitive bidding among suppliers helped Medicare become a smarter shopper for durable medical equipment, researchers suggested.

Find Your Perfect Medicare Plan in Seconds

A message from MediQuote

There’s never been an easy way for Medicare beneficiaries to comparison shop for all available Medicare plans in one place, until now.

A pilot program started in 2011 in nine cities — to become nationwide later this year — had suppliers of five continuous positive airway pressure/respiratory assist device devices and two oxygen devices bid on contracts that would determine Medicare prices rather than the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) standard fee schedule. (read more)


The new Medicare Plus Card saves you up to 75% on things not covered by Medicare

Medicare doesn’t cover everything. Luckily, those on Medicare can now start saving on out of pocket expenses like prescription drugs, dental, vision, hearing, and more. Over 1 million people have already received their free Medicare Plus Card.

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