Quick Look: Medicare Part A and B Costs for 2018

2018 Medicare costs

Happy New Year! It’s 2018, and a few costs in Medicare Parts A and B have changed since 2017. Here’s a refresher on what’s new with Medicare premiums and more in 2018.

  • Part B premium – $134 or less per month
  • Part B annual deductible – $183 per year, after which you pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for most services
  • Part A premium – $0 for those who worked 40 quarters or more in jobs where they paid Social Security payroll taxes; $232 per month for those who worked 30-39 quarters in jobs where they paid Social Security payroll taxes; $422 per month for those who worked fewer than 30 quarters
  • Part A annual deductible – $1,340
  • Part A coinsurance for hospitalizations lasting 61- 90 days – $335 per day
  • Part A coinsurance for lifetime reserve hospitalization days linked to longer stays – $670 per day
  • Part A coinsurance for skilled nursing facility stays lasting 21 – 100 days – $167.50
  • For more information on these costs and on Parts C and D see 2018 Medicare Costs

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