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NYC Couple Pockets $1 Million in Funds Intended to Feed the Elderly

The head of a city-funded nonprofit that delivers meals to senior citizens, pocketed nearly $1 million from the foundation from 2008-2016. The money was used to pay for the family’s Long Island home, late model luxury sedan, and clothes, among other personal expenses, federal officials charged Wednesday, February 3, 2016. United Block Association Executive Director Kwame Insaidoo, 59, and his wife Roxanna Pearson, 62, allegedly ...

The Impact of the 2016 Election on Medicare

Medicare has been the foundation of retirement security for our seniors for more than half a century. With or without it, health coverage is an important subject matter that can be extremely expensive and disheartening for seniors. With the upcoming 2016 presidential election, Medicare is one of the most heated topics discussed, with both major parties having different opinions on what is best for ...